The vision of Similipal Tiger Reserve is to make the TR & the adjoining landscape, a globally important site with integration of all ecological functions with a healthy and viable breeding population of tiger in a large inviolate area.


To make the core area a safe haven for a healthy breeding population of the tiger and co-predators by eliminating all kinds of biotic interferences.


  • To protect and conserve native biodiversity to ensure a viable breeding population of tiger, co-predators and its prey base.
  • To ensure viable population of elephant and their dispersal in adjoining area.
  • To create habitat inviolate from any form of incompatible land use practices within the core area.
  • To gradually reduce the pressure of tourism from core area by promoting and regulating community based eco-tourism in buffer and adjoining area.
  • To enhance professional competency of staff through training, capacity building and welfare measures.
  • To promote, facilitate and strengthen long term and need based scientific research and monitoring of animals and their habitat.