Similipal Tiger Reserve remains open for visitors all-round the year except during the monsoons. In general, Similipal remains open from 1st of November to 15th of June. The exact date of closure & opening of the park is notified by the Field Director, Similipal Tiger Reserve, based on prevailing situation through print & electronic media as well as in social media.


Visitors can enter the park thorough Kaliani Gate at Jashipur & Pithabata Gate at Baripada. Entry pass for day visit can be obtained through online mode ( or through offline mode at the entry gates. Visitors entering the park on private vehicles should ensure that the vehicle has 4-wheel drive & ground clearance of 180 mm.

For best view & comfortable journey through the park, visitors can also book the 12-seater capacity Safari Vehicles of the park through Online mode (before 7 am on the day of visit through or or Offline mode at the Entry Gates (after 7 am on the day of visit).

Non-vegetarian food items & liquor are not allowed inside the park. Cooked Food (both Non-vegetarian & Vegetarian) is served for visitors inside the Tiger Reserve at Barehipani with prior booking. The canteen is being managed by the local communities through Eco-Development Committee.

Professional still & video cameras are allowed with necessary permission & deposit of fees through online mode or offline mode at the entry gates. Drones are not allowed inside the park.



Visitors can book their night stay inside the Tiger Reserve through online Mode only ( or ). Well-furnished Night Stay facilities are available at Gurguria, Kumari, Barehipani, Jamuani & Ramatirtha Nature camps which have been developed & run by Eco-tourism initiatives. Booking amount is inclusive of food, lodging & other facilities available at the camp.

Visitors who have booked night stay can also avail the Safari Vehicle by booking it separately. Professional still & video cameras are allowed with necessary permission & deposit of fees at the entry gates. Drones are not allowed inside the park.


The places of tourist interest like Devkund, Brahmanakund, Sitakund, Nedam Dam, etc. & places, which are inside the Tiger Reserve boundary also remain closed for visitors during monsoon season. Other places of tourist interest in the region which fall outside the Tiger Reserve boundary are Ramatirtha, Lulung, Samibrukshya, Kalo Dam, Haldia Dam, Jambhira Dam, Balidiha Dam, Sankarmara Dam, Kanchhinda, etc.


The park is surrounded by many settlements like Baripada, Bangiriposhi, Bisoyi, Rairangpur, Jashipur, Karanjia, Thakurmunda, Anandpur (Keonjhar), Kaptipada, Udala, Khunta, which have well developed markets & communication services. Out of these 5 are Urban Local Bodies (ULBs); Baripada, Rairangpur & Anandpur (Keonjar) are Municipalities and Karanjia & Udala are Notified Area Councils (NACs).

Accommodations for visitors in the region have improved a lot outside the Tiger Reserve. Many Hotels, Restaurants, Tourist Operators have flourished in the region, especially at Baripada, Jashipur & Udala. Many private nature camps have also come up near Baripada & Jashipur due to active promotion of tourism in the state.


The road distances of both the entrances from nearby cities are as follows:

To Major Cities
Entrance Gate Bhubaneswar Balasore Jamshedpur Kolkata Ranchi
Jashipur 252 km. 156 km. 111 km. 290 km. 235 km.
Baripada 250 km. 56 km. 141 km. 220 km. 260 km.


The nearest railway stations close to the Tiger reserve are Baripada, Bhanjpur, Bangiriposi, Badampahar. Local trains stop at these stations. The major rail heads close to the Tiger Reserve are Balasore & Tatanagar (Jamshedpur) which are connected with major cities of the country. The connectivity of the entry points from the railheads is given below.

Railway Station Connects to cities Distance from Jashipur Distance from Baripada
Baripada Bhubaneswar, Balasore 102 km 0 km
Badam Pahad Tatanagar (Jamshedpur) 18 km 95 km
Balasore Delhi, Guwahati, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore, Trivandrum, etc. 154 km 58 km
Tatanagar (Jamshedpur) Mubai, Pune, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Delhi etc. 111 km 142 km


Nearest Airports are located at Bhubaneswar, Kolkata & Ranchi. All three airports have direct flights from all major Domestic Airports of India. Kolkata is a major Airport of India connecting national & International destinations. Amarda in Mayurbhanj district & Dhalbhumgarh near Tatanagar, Jharkhand, have been proposed for regional air connectivity under UDAN Scheme of the Govt. of India.

Entry Points Airports Proposed Airports under UDAN Scheme
Bhubaneswar Ranchi Kolkata Amarda Dhalbhumgarh
Jashipur 242 km. 234 km. 286 km. 134 km. 120 km.
Baripada 254 km. 260 km. 230 km. 39 km. 82 km.


  • Please enter the Park only after taking the necessary permits and follow all the rules.
  • Please obtain services of Nature Guides that the Park has trained for your benefit. They are of great help to you in spotting wildlife and ensuring that you do not lose your way in the forest.
  • Drive slowly in the park. In this way you can see, observe and enjoy the most, without disturbing wildlife.
  • Keep to the specified roads and trails. Driving off track you may trample growing trees and cause disturbance to resting animals and their young.
  • Respect the wild animals and maintain a safe distance from them. Remember, you are in their home and they get first priority.
  • Listen to the music of the forest instead of your car stereo or transistor. The quieter you are, the more the chances of your seeing wildlife.
  • Wear dull-coloured clothes. Bright colours alarm most wild animals and they flee.
  • Don't carry guns. Feel free to shoot with a camera instead.
  • Do not smoke or light campfires in the forest. Accidental fires can destroy this wonderful jungle in no time.
  • Don't get off your vehicle at any point in the park except where it's allowed. This is for your own safety and the safety of wildlife.
  • The Park is not a zoo; so, don't expect to see wildlife everywhere. Similipal is breathtakingly beautiful even in its scenery.
  • Do not be disappointed if you don't see a tiger. There are many other interesting creatures that are to be seen and cherished.
  • Having alcohol and non-vegetarian food is not allowed.
  • Help keep the park pollution-free. While inside the park, please put your entire non-biodegradable litter (tin cans, plastic, glass bottles, metal foils etc.) into the bag provided and dispose of it on your way out.