Terms and Conditions of Entry into Similipal Tiger Reserve, Odisha

  1. The permit to enter into the Protected Area is issued under Section-28 of The Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.
  2. The Field Director, Similipal Tiger Reserve, reserves all the right of Entry to the park.
  3. The park may be closed without any prior notice due to any reason.
  4. Entry permits for day visit must be obtained at the entry gates or through online mode.
  5. Vehicles with ground clearance of 180 mm or above are allowed for Safari inside the Tiger Reserve. The vehicles with 4 wheel drive capability are preferable. Very large vehicles like Bus & trucks and Small vehicles of Sedan & Hatchback class are not allowed inside the park.
  6. On a particular day 35 vehicles through Kalika Prasad Entry Gate, Jashipur and 25 vehicles through Pithabata Entry Gate, Baripada, are allowed to enter the Tiger Reserve.
  7. Drones are not allowed inside the park. Digital Cameras for filming & photography are allowed with permit by deposit of requisite fees at the entry gates or through online mode. In case of violation, such property will be forfeited.
  8. Permits issued to visitors are non-transferable and valid for single entry only.
  9. All visitors must carry their Identity Cards and they shall produce them at the entry gates before entering into the Tiger Reserve as well as inside the park whenever demanded by the Tiger Reserve authorities.
  10. Nature Guides are mandatory for each vehicle. The Guide Fees are over and above the entry fees of visitors & vehicles.
  11. No entry after sunset and before sunrise is permitted in the Park; Night driving is Strictly Prohibited in the Park. All visitors shall exit the park before Sunset.
  12. All Visitors shall enter the Tiger Reserve at their own risk. Similipal Tiger Reserve administration will not be responsible for any kind of damages.
  13. Consumption and carrying of non-vegetarian food and alcohol is strictly prohibited inside the park. Non-Vegetarian food is served only at designated canteens.
  14. Firearms or explosives or poisons of any kind are not permitted within the Tiger Reserve.
  15. Don't get down from vehicle except at designated points.
  16. Visitors are required to carry their own bag for non-biodegradable litter and they should be disposed off in garbage bins outside the park or else it can be purchased at the counters.
  17. Playing of transistors, music player, Speakers, Blow horn or any kind of music is not permitted in the Tiger Reserve.
  18. Shouting, teasing, chasing animals, feeding the animal are punishable offence.
  19. No person shall destroy, damage, or deface any writing or signs, information boards, etc. inside the park.
  20. All visitors are governed by the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 and the rules made their under.