Tips for Visitors

  1. Direct sight of a wild animal is a matter of chance. Patience & positive approach is required for better results. Look out for indirect signs of their presence like footprints, body parts (feather, scale, and hair), their sounds, fecal matter, marks on trees, etc.
  2. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t see a tiger. Cherish the home of tigers. Moreover, there are many other interesting creatures to be seen and cherished.
  3. Wear dull coloured clothes. Bright colours scare the wild animals.
  4. Do not disturb or tease or follow wild animals. Keep a safe distance from them, as they are dangerous & unpredictable. Respect Wild animals & their habitat.
  5. There is no mobile network coverage and internet inside the Tiger Reserve. Enjoy the Digital Detox.
  6. Do not carry single use plastics inside the tiger reserve.
  7. Don’t argue with the ground forest officials. They are just following instructions from higher authorities. You can give your feedback on your experience.
  8. Respect the local communities, their culture & traditions.
  9. Lunch at the community managed Canteens can be booked in advance at the Entry Gates.
  10. The profit from community managed activities like Nature Camps, Canteens, is shared with the villagers inside the Tiger Reserve for their Socio-economic development.
  11. All the money collected through tourism activities goes to the Similipal Tiger Conservation Foundation (STCF). The money from the Foundation is utilized for the developmental activities inside the Tiger Reserve.