Do´s & Don´ts


  1. Please enter the Reserve only after taking necessary permits and follow the rules.
  2. Follow the instructions of the Forest Officials & Nature Guides.
  3. Respect the wild animals & maintain a safe distance from them.
  4. Listen to the music of the forest. Be alert and listen to the sounds of wildlife.
  5. Carry your emergency medicines along with you.
  6. Wear dull coloured clothes; carry your hats, binoculars, water bottles (non-plastic) with you.
  7. Drive slowly and carefully at a speed of 20km/hr inside the park.


  1. Don’t throw any plastic or litter inside the protected area. Use a carry bag to collect the waste material & dispose them in a dustbin outside the tiger reserve.
  2. Don’t carry raw or cooked non-vegetarian food and alcohol inside the tiger reserve. This is a serious offence.
  3. Don’t follow, tease, or shout at or disturb any way to any wild animal/bird. Don’t cause damage to any wild flower, plant by plucking or uprooting them. these are serious offences punishable under the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.
  4. Don’t create any problem for any other visitor to the park or local communities or forest officials on duty. Remember your behavior speaks volumes about you.
  5. Don’t leave your kids unattended. Remember a wild animal may be anywhere in the Tiger Reserve.
  6. Don’t go on any misadventure. It may create problems for you as well as others.
  7. Don’t get off your vehicle at any point in the Tiger Reserve except the designated areas. It is for your safety as well as safety of wild animals.
  8. Don’t smoke or kindle fire inside the Tiger Reserve.